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Burke Lifebuoy Rail Mount Stow Bag

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Made from durable PVC-coated fabric, the Lifebuoy Stow Bag is the ideal solution to protect your Burke Lifebuoys from UV and salt water damage, as well as keep your boat tidy. Its user-friendly, top-opening Velcro closure facilitates speedy deployment of the lifebuoy, while its Quick Stop guide incorporated on the back of the bag provides the user with ready-to-hand emergency retrieval instructions. It is designed to easily attach to a variety of safety rail and stanchion configurations. It also contains a convenient internal pouch for a lifebuoy light and drogue and fits all of the Burke Lifebuoys (LIF220YA, LIF220R and LIF220HW).                               

Durable PVC Coated Fabric

- Top Opening With Velcro Closure for Fast Access
- Internal Pouch for Light and Drogue
- Easy to Attach and Remove When Not in Use
- Non-Corroding Fasteners
- Reinforced Webbing Attachments
- Quick Stop Instructions to Assist Emergency Retrieval
- Suits a Variety of Safety Rail and Stanchion Configurations

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