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Inflatable PFD's

Inflatable PFD's are a compact, slimline solution to wearing a PFD.  They are available in both manual and automatic versions, with the option of a yachting harness. 


Frequently asked questions:

Q:   What is the difference between the European and Australian standard versions
A:   Under the new Victorian regulations passed 1st December 2005, EN396 are now legal to be used in Victoria.  This now means in Victoria you can use a cheaper European inflatable.

Q:    What is the difference between auto inflate and manual?
A:    Manual activated refers to the way in which the jacket in inflated.  On a manual activated jack you must pull a cord to inflate the jacket.  An auto inflate jacket inflates when the inflation mechanism gets wet.  This means if you try to wash it at it will inflate.  While auto inflate can have many advantages if you wear the jacket in an environment where you regularly get wet you may wish to consider a manually activated jacket.

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Burke 150N Standard Inflatable -
was $90.00 now $71.82 inc GST ($53.21 USD )
In stock
Burke 150N Winner Zip Standard Inflate -
was $136.36 now $117.27 ($86.89 USD )
In stock
Burke 150N Standard Inflate with YA Harness -
was $177.27 now $150.00 inc GST ($111.14 USD )
In stock
Auto Recharge Kit for inflatable jacket -
$31.81 ($23.57 USD )
In stock
Manual recharge kit for inflatable jackets -
was $21.77 now $18.14 ($13.44 USD )
In stock
Axis 150N PFD Jacket -
was $272.68 now $236.32 inc GST ($175.10 USD )
In stock

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